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The V-Grooves is a V-shaped indentation around an opening, which shows the colour of the core. In a white core it will appear in white, in a black core in black. 

V-Grooves can be effective if there is a great contrast between the surface paper and the core, e.g. if the surface is black and the core white respectively opposite if the paper on the surface is white and the core black. 

Their effect can be also very discreet, elegant if the colour of the paper on the surface and the colour of the core are equal, better similar. So a V-Groove in 101-W with its white, row surface and the smooth white of the core of this board looks very effective. Also very nice are V-Grooves in 204-HT with its row black surface and the also black core.

Price in €uro inkluding tax.

You can order V-Grooves by using the link "& Options" which you can find  in the  Custom Mounts area under the borders.

Attention: This side is still not produced dynamically - so the prices will appear with tax allthough you have activated the link "prices in €uro without VAT"

Price in €uro including tax.

up to

24 x 30 40 x 50 60 x 80 80 x 100 100 x 100 Nr.







Quantity Discount: from 5 equal Decorations on equal mounts of one Colour-Card = 10 %, from 10 = 20 %.

In opposite to other Decorations V-Grooves can't be added to Standard Mounts. Certainly we can produce Mounts in sizes of the Standard Mounts with V-Grooves, but then they will be charged as Custom Mounts.


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