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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt

Design Hints of Embossings

Less is often more - this sentence applies as a rule for embossings, exceptions confirm this rule.

But at first to the rule. If you doubt it would be right to choose the smaller or bigger design of your name/logo, decide for the smaller one. In the most cases you will be right. Especially if you want to get your embossings in Gold or Silver. The colours Gold and Silver you can get in brilliant and dull, the last we recommend you. 

Exceptions confirm the rule. Once we got the signature of a photographer which looked at the first glance much too massive. Shown in a portrait position in portrait mounts as a blind printing it looked later very nice. 

Blind printings you can use always a little greater. This printing is also a good example for cost-effective printings "at the same position". 


Cost-effective printings through equal arrangements

Embossings are cost-effective from 25 pieces, better 50 pieces. But editions of 25 of one mount are for many artists/photographers too much, but maybe you need for an exhibitions 10 mounts in format 50 x 60 cm, 10 in 40 x 50 cm and 5 in 30 x 40 cm. These embossings can be charged cost-effective with the quantity-unit of 25 if they are all on an equal position. 

In the above example it's every time the right bottom corner, but every other corner is also imaginable. If the position in the corner is the same, the outer format of the mounts can be different. Also you can mix Standard and Custom mounts. 

We speak also about embossings "at the same position" if they are in the middle of mounts of different outer formats, but then they must have the same distance to the bottom edge.

Please pay attention to the restriction that the mounts can have different colours but must be from one colour-card.


Your copy for your embossing

We need a black and white copy to produce the printing plate. we can print only full tones. Half tones you can get only with hatchures or stippled. Your black and white copy should be clear and have a big contrast.

The simplest copy could be your signature by a black pen. Another could be your name and/or logo cut off of your letter-paper or any other publication, if possible in black and white.

Probably you will have a computer and a laser printer which will produce the best results. You can let your creatavity take their course, the price for the printing plate depend only on the outer size of it, independent  the expense of the design.

The simple square will have the same price as the square with the letters inside. But in every case it will be payable. Up to the size of 4 x 6 cm, this will be mostly enough for your name and/or logo, the price is € 28,-.  Further sizes you will find under Costs for printing plates.

If you want we can design your embossing. Then look under Design made by us.


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