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Costs of printing plates

We recommend you to use a printing plate, because you have the costs only once and you can make use of it for the rest of your life. You need to send us a exact black and white copy of your design by a laser printer. We will send it to the firm responcable for making the plate. This works quickly, but still takes 1 to 2 days, which results in 6 working days after adding the sending and receiving time. If you need it in a hurry, we can produce lettering sentences for you. See this under costs for lettering

Finally printing plates are also the cost effective alternative. They will be calculated in 7 sizes, starting with 4 x 6 cm, which is in the rule enough for your name and/or logo. These costs are once only. 


4 x 6 - 28,00




8 x 12 - 45,00




12 x 18 - 75,00


16 x 24 - 88,00

                   20 x 30 - 105,00          

24 x 36 - 160,00


30 x 40 - 414,00

If the lettering costs are not interesting for you go directly to Costs of Blind/Coloured Printings.


Costs of lettering

If you are in hurry or you need the text only one time we can letter it out three fonts:

font 1: Kathryn Böhmert  2001
font 2: Kathryn Böhmert  2001
font 3: Kathryn Böhmert  2001

If you have a 17 inch screen you see the fonts in nearly the right size. If you want you can see the effect of your text lines by using a favourit text editor, e.g. Word, and print them. Use for the font 1 Times Roman in the size of 12 pt, for font 2 Arial in 12 pt and for font 3 Arial in 20 pt. 

The letterinng costs for the first line with maximum 30 letters are € 16,-, every additional line € 12,-.

The maximum width of a text line is at present 9 cm. Lettering lines will not be stored. Printing plates are cheaper for regular use.

It will be a pleasure for us to send you free and without obligation our catalogue

with our
32 original colour samples

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