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Product Info & Price Overview


Choose from 5 kinds of glass: float glass, acrylic with 90 % UV-protection, acrylic non-reflecting, Gallery 100 with 100 % UV-protection or even Mirogard museum quality glass.

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Product Info

Float glass is the most commonly used glass in picture framing. We offer it in the standard measurements 24 x 30 to 60 x 80 cm. All edges are polished, making handling very nice if you change pictures more often. The float glass we offer has a thickness of 2 mm. However, you need to order a minimum quantity of 5 sheets of the same size.

Acrylic glass is ideal from the point of view of the shipper because it doesn’t break. For framing jobs with only one frame, this would be your best bet. On the downside, acrylic scratches more easily if you don’t watch out when cleaning it and it can become static, attracting colour particles from chalk drawings, for example. If expertly handled, both can be avoided. One of the main advantages of acrylic is its small weight, which makes a big difference with large formats and large quantities. For those who organise exhibitions at frequently changing locations, the light weight and solidity of acrylic would be a significant advantage. Because of the trend towards this convenient type of glazing we can offer you acrylic glass at the same price as float glass. The acrylic sheet has a thickness of 3 mm and offers 90 % UV protection.

Acrylic non-reflecting 2 mm has the properties of regular acrilyc, but is non-reflecting. It is at the same price as Gallery UV 100. Since you can´t order bigger sizes than 60 x 80 cm in the Online-Shop yet, please send your order to

Gallery UV 100 has all the properties of regular acrylic glass but offers 99,7 % UV protection, but it is not coated.

Museum quality glass. As the prices show, you need a good budget for this glazing with high-grade anti-reflexion coating. It is certainly worth considering it for high-quality original artwork. The glass is optical interference coated and anti-reflective, offering a surface that is almost entirely free of reflexions without reducing the artwork’s brilliance of colours. Whatever reflexions remain have a slightly green tint that is pleasant for the human eye and do not cover up the painting’s colours. This glazing comes in a thickness of 2.3 mm. UV-Protection 48 %


Price Overview

Prices per piece in euros

Mount Format

Float Glass

Acrylic Glass

Gallery UV 100/
Acrylic non-reflecting

Museum Quality

24 x 30 3,90    3,90    5,85       
30 x 40 5,08    5,08    7,63       
40 x 50 8,53    8,53    12,75       
50 x 60 12,69    12,69    19,03       
50 x 70 14,87    14,87    22,32       
60 x 80 20,32    20,32    30,45       
70 x 100     38,23    57,37       
80 x 100     43,69    65,55       
100 x 140     76,51    114,79       

In-between sizes are always charged below the next larger standard size – for museum quality glass, without surcharge, for acrylic, Makrolon and float glass 20 % is added. After cutting, the float glass sheets have one to two unpolished edges, which are, of course, deburred.

All outside dimenstions up to

Prices apply to the quantity of same-sized and
same-coloured mounts from one colour group (card)

1 unit 5 or more 10 25 50 100 200
24 x 303,90  3,51 3,43 3,32 3,24 3,12 2,93
30 x 405,08  4,57 4,47 4,32 4,22 4,06 3,81
40 x 508,53  7,68 7,51 7,25 7,08 6,82 6,40
50 x 6012,69  11,42 11,17 10,79 10,53 10,15 9,52
50 x 7014,87  13,38 13,09 12,64 12,34 11,90 11,15
60 x 8020,32  18,29 17,88 17,27 16,87 16,26 15,24
70 x 10038,23  34,41 33,64 32,50 31,73 30,58 28,67
80 x 10043,69  39,32 38,45 37,14 36,26 34,95 32,77
100 x 14076,51  68,86 67,33 65,03 63,50 61,21 57,38

You can order all 4 kinds of glazing from the same online-shop page where you order frames. You may also order them separately from the online-shop area Glazing or else, finally, by sending an email to:


A Note on Shipping

Glass and backing are always sold as a unit. Due to the packaging system we use, we can deliver float glass quite securely when packing a minimum of 5 sheets, and museum quality glass with 1 sheet. This requires the backing, which is why, for the purpose of shipping, we treat glazing and backing as a unit. This limitation does not apply with a quantity of 25 sheets of one size, which we deliver in specially constructed glass packaging.

Please understand that we ship float and museum quality glass only within Germany because shipments abroad require reloading of packages, which dramatically increases the danger of the glass breaking.

With acrylic glass and Gallery UV 100, there is no such problem, so we ship single sheets both within Germany and abroad.

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