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Fletcher Framemaster Point Gun

The framer’s points used with this point gun easily penetrate the frame, stay in place well, and can also be removed just as easily due to their arrow shape. This is especially appealing for exhibition organisers who have to change artwork frequently. The long points are used in this case, while the short points are intended for permanent framing jobs.

Bessey Band Clamp

This clamp was really designed as a heavy-duty tool. It has been tried and tested and it is easy to handle with an excellent power distribution, requiring minimal force. Its circumference of 6.5 meters makes it suitable even for large frames.

Gluing - Masking

Framing glue, specially designed to glue hard woods, fast setting – 1 kg

Wet masking tape, white, 40 mm width, 50 m length


Acrylic varnish, matte, water soluble - 1 l

Bio Natural Finishing Set, oil and wax, 125 ml each

Glass Cutting Equipment

Oil glass cutter, Silberschnitt brand. An oil tank built into the handle releases oil when pressure is applied, dispensing a measured amount of oil onto the hard-metal cutting wheel. This makes cutting easier and the cutting wheel will last much longer.

- Replacement head, wide

- Cutting oil 50 ml

- Plastic glazier’s angle, with bracing, cut from one piece - 60 cm length

- Plastic glazier’s angle, with bracing, cut from one piece - 80 cm length

- Two-hand rubbing block with 2 grinding rolls to deburr both edges in one step.

- Glass cleaner, professional quality, 1 l

- Acrylic glass cleaner, with antistatic effect, 0.5 l

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