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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt

Order traditionally

You have different possibilities to order our Mount & Frames. You will get them comfortable by parcel service to your home - of course against bill.

Have a look to our GCS (Generell Condition of sale) or jump for here to the way to order you are interested in: 


Ordering by Phone

Maybe in the beginning the best way, because we can you give all needed advice.

+49 (0) 4139 - 686 69

My english isn't perfect but we will be able to cummunicate about all things. 



Often the qucickest and simlest way. If you like word or exel, please attach files. Please email then to send then you anDer oftmals schnellste & einfachste Weg. Sollten Sie Word- oder Exel-Liebhaber sein, können Sie sich auch selbst ein mehr oder weniger komfortables Bestellformular erstellen, das Sie dann Ihrer eMail anhängen können. Senden Sie Ihre Bestellung an


Download Ordering Forms

Sorry, at present thes forms are not translated. maybe for the sketches this isn't necessary. We will try to do our very best to translate all forms soon.

You need an Acrobat-Reader to read these PDF-Files. Download it for free at Acrobat-Reader.


It will be a pleasure for us to send you free and without obligation our catalogue

with our
32 original colour samples

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