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Fine Art Prints on Paper

Calculate and order your projects using your own images to help in the decision-making process or get to know this service at Product Info & Price Overview

First choose a paper.

30,0 x 40,0 - 24,0 x 32,0



HPR308 - Photo Rag ist ein echtes Büttenpapier aus reiner Baumwolle mit einer wunderbar matten, natürlich samtigen Oberfläche von angenehm zurückhaltender Art.

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Now enter the paper and image measurements as well as the borders and finish by clicking Calculate.

Paper measurements
Image measurements W x H   Borders left/right/top/bottom

Enter the desired quantity and finish by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

Quantity Paper          Price   Total
    16,30   16,30

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Grafical Overview

Ordering Tips:

Traditionally, the photographic image and the paper measurements were often identical. With papers that have some character however, a border around the image is sometimes appealing. The position of the image is determined by the width of the borders.

When paper and image measurements are identical, the borders are shown as 0.00 cm.

With differing measurements we recommend that you click Calculate directly after entering your data. Our software will give you a professional suggestion for the image position. You can accept or modify this suggestion as you please. You may also set all border measurements manually – but they have to add up. It is more convenient to simply enter the size of the top border and delete the measurements in the boxes for left right and bottom. Again, the software will do the rest. Whichever way you do it, finish by clicking Calculate.

Image info: You are not required to upload an image but can work with the grey rectangle to see the proportions. When ordering, however, it is quite helpful if you upload at least a small image of 420 pixels. This will make it easier to assign the correct image later on when you send us several print files. If you have a DSL internet connection and your file is smaller than 25 MB, you can load your image directly into your personal archive, My Images. You will find more information on working with images at My Images.

When working on your images, you will always see a note saying for which size your image is suitable. If you only uploaded a thumbnail because you were planning to send the original file later, the programme will keep telling you that your file size is not suitable for good printing results. Simply ignore this. But if you believe you already uploaded the original file, the warning should give you second thoughts.

Quantity: The larger the quantity the more advantageous the piece price. Order value discounts may apply as well. Your basket will always point this out to you and also notify you of the next better price category. So don’t worry about putting articles into the basket – it takes another few clicks before the order will actually be sent off.

The Mounts Area: By clicking the link, you transfer your image to the mounts area. To order the print, however, you have to first put it into the basket. The mounts area allows you to choose mounts as well as frames.

The Frames Area: Put your image into this area if you don’t want to use a mount. This is recommended only if using a frame with spacers that prevent your print from touching the glazing.

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