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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt


We produce only Bevel Cut Mounts/Mats. Further we will us only the term Mounts.

Please look at the Introduction. Or when our next Special Offer Weeks will start.

We discern between 4 types of mounts:
Standard Mounts

The most reasonable start: 8 outer formats with up to 3 rectangular, 2 squares plus one oval opening all in up to 13 colours = over 300 different mounts, which are always in stock for you.

Custom Mounts

Present your works professionally. All sizes up to 100 x 140 cm are available. Choose between around 100 colours in Standard or Museum Quality with thicknesses 1,4/1,7 mm, 2,6/3,0 mm and 4,1 mm.

Standard Multiple Openings

44 practical opening arrangements in 8 outer formats with reasonable prices invite you to be creative. All colours are available in all thicknesses.

Custom Multiple Openings

Anything is possible. Here you can also choose from our complete selection of our about 100 colours and thicknessses from 1.4 mm up to 4.4 mm. Give your creativity free play.

  Overview Qualities/Colours
& Options

Can have an impressive effect, also with modern designs. 


of your name or colophon can give your mounts a custom finish. They could be of interest to your customers. 


Backs we deliver in 9 different Qualities. Boards you can get in all our more or less 100 colours, cut exactly to your sizes as a background for inlayed woks or to mounts by yourself. 

Like join mounts and backs to form a folding mount and/or number mounts.
Plastic covers, Tapes, etc. 

Plastic covers like protective sacks, adhesive tape, mounting foil etc. are grouped together in this section. 

Additional Samples

Here you will find the additional colour cards of our more ore less 100 colours. 


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