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Please look at first to Product Info & Price Overview or calculate and Order your projects here..

Please take a look at our new Shop-System at with more equipment and a picture for every product.

With all of our frames you can order the glass at the same time. Here you can order just the glass. Please note, that minimum order for Floatglass is 5 pieces per size. You must order with Float- and Museum glass backs of the same size. 25 sheets over this does not apply. Acrylglass and Gallery can be ordered in single sheets.
Please notice: We do not send Float- and Museumsglass abroad.

You can order non-reflecting Acrylic up to 60 x 80 cm in our Online-Shop, for bigger sizes (up to 100 x 140) please send your request to It is at the same price as Gallery 100 UV.

Pleas insert your sizes and press "Calculate".

Outside measurements w x h

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Quantity Type Thickness Description + Backing Price   Total
GL 1 2,0 Floatglas 8,53 8,53

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Ordering Tips:

Translation come soon. Geben Sie als erstes die von Ihnen gewünschten Maße in der Folge Breite x Höhe ein. Mit einem Klick auf den Button "Berechne" werden Ihre Glascheiben maßstabsgerecht angezeigt. Wählen Sie dann die Art aus. Geben Sie dann die Anzahl vor und schließen Sie dabei Ihre Eingabe mit "Enter" ab.


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