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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt


The Phylosophy of the Passepartout-Werkstatt (PPW) has been from its founding 1986 to develope all products and services in cooperation with our customers. 

Since the beginning we have used computers extensivly, using software we developed ourselves. In 1993 we became one of the first companies to introduce computer controlled cutting. Not for mass production, rather more for customised cutting. 

In 1999 we took the next logical step to use the internet. It's new possibilities fits perfectly with our phylosophy of direct communication with our customers. We founded the "Online-Framing GmbH" and developed our Online-Shop and last but not least our concept of Gallery-Generators, which supports you by Displaying & Selling your artworks.

In July 2004 we were  the first company world wide that was able to input the customized sizes of mounts directly into our computer controlled machines. 

Briefly our Philosophy:

  • Our extensive use of  computers gives us the time to advise you personally - try it out
  • computer controlled cutting allows us to quickly produce high quality customized sizes
  • Supporting our customers by the design of their projects and also Displaying & Selling their artworks

We value your comments and suggestions.

Your PP-Team 


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