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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt

History of the firm

1986 The Passepartout-Werkstatt was founded by myself, Reinhard Dreger, born in 1952, in Scharnebeck, near Lüneburg after I had spent half a year searching in vain for good value bevel cut mounts for my silk paintings.

The business offered me and continues to offer me, the possibility to combine my inclinations  (I always wanted to become a commercial artist) with various skills that I had learned (compositor, business man and programmer) and the fascination for handicraft and self-employment. 

The idea to market a wide range of bevel cut mounts, both standard and bespoke, by mail order for prices representing good value for money was well accepted by artists, photographers, galleries, second hand booksellers,  advertising agencies etc. in what was then West Germany and also in the neighbouring West European states.  

Since I had spent some time as a programmer, I wrote a suite of programs specially designed to handle the day to day operation of the firm and the general commercial tasks. 

However, a significant factor which contributed to the success of the venture was the specially designed wooden boxes which ensures that the fragile material is perfectly protected. 

The top and bottom are made of 3.2 mm fibreboard and the sides of 13 mm chipboard or solid wood. All parts are connected with spax woodscrews. 

1989 The firm bought the historical guesthouse Peter Nack, in Echem, built in 1872 and rebuilt into its present form around 1910.

The actual mount workshop was built into the former ballroom of 2700 square feet (250 m²). The offices occupy the bar and clubrooms. 

1993 The Passepartout-Werkstatt was one of first firms to install a computer controlled mount cutting machine. Previously the mounts had been cut on 6 manual mount cutting machines. The mounts are cut to shape on a Polar stack cutter which accepts up to a length of 3 3/4 feet (115 cm). The computer cutting technique allowed a wide range of standard multiple windows to be developed together with artists and photographers. 

1995 A second Gunnar mount cutting machine was purchased which allows the cutting of round and oval windows and various special forms. 

1997 An embossing machine from Baier with a working area of 12 inches by 16 inches was added. It allows mounts to be given a personal note by adding the artist's name or colophon or an advertising promotion to the mount. 

1998 A range of frames, specially suited for all mounts, was introduced. The frames are also produced with computer controlled machines. 

1999 The Passpepartout-Werkstatt goes on line in the Internet

2000 The experience with the Internet was very positive. We are now planning an ambitious software project which will allow our customers and, in addition, all artists and photographers world-wide to design mounts and frames on their computer monitor. The program will also allow exhibitions to be planned and advertised on the Internet.   

2001 At 15. September the Passepartout-Werkstatt is 15 years old and presents at this date the Online Framing Studio.


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