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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt


Passepartout-Werkstatt Kerstin Harms
Bäckerstr. 2, D - 21379 Echem

Telephone: +49 - 4139 - 686 69
Telefax: +49 - 4139 - 686 78


You reach us by ...



from the north

take the motorway from Hamburg to Hannover

at the junction Maschener Kreuz follow the Autobahn in the direction of Lüneburg

in Lüneburg take the exit Scharnebeck

from the south

take the motorway from Hannover to Hamburg

leave the motorway at the exit Soltau Ost and follow the road to Lüneburg

in Lüneburg take the exit Scharnebeck

from the exit Scharnebeck

turn to the right and follow the road to Scharnebeck - apart from the fact that the road twists and turns, it takes you directly to Echem.

200 m after the town boundary turn right and immediately left

Continue until you see our house just before a level crossing.


Lüneburg is from many cities directly attainable, partly also with the ICE. 

For more information take a look at

From Lueneburg you take the train towards Lübeck/Kiel, which usually starts from platform 5 and in each case 32 min. after the full hour. Echem is the next station. After stepping out you go  left towards the exit. Then take a right and you can already see  on the opposite side the building illustrated above.


Our company is located in North Gernany. Echem is a small village between Hannover and Hamburg, near to the town Lüneburg. To Lüneburg it is 14 km and to Hamburg 50 km.

Your are very welcome. But allow us to suggest that you give us some warning of your visit since we are in continuous production. It is also important that you do not get the idea that your visit will be like going into a dapartement store where the frames are all packed in plastic and you can pick them up and look at them. All you will find in our workshop is a wide selection of 3 meter long mouldings from which the frames, which you may have ordered, would be made. Our computer controlled machines for making mounts and frames are fascinating and we would be pleased to show you round and advise you in our meeting room on style questions about mounts and frames or also exhibitions. But if you are a private person seeking advice on a single work of art, we suggest that you get in contact with a gallery in you neighbourhood. This is the correct place to go. Our offer is extended to professional artists and photographers or even the ambitious amateur. To you we extend a hearty welcome.

Your mount team


Britta in action

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