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Passepartout-Werkstatt Passepartout-Werkstatt

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Passepartout-Werkstatt Kerstin Harms
Inhaber Kerstin Harms

Ust.Id-Nr.: DE815564042

Bäckerstr. 2
D - 21379 Echem

Tel.: 04139 - 686 69

All of the pages published on this web site and in particular the computer programme are covered by our copyright. Our procedure for designing picture mounts and frames on a computer monitor is protected internationally. 

To use contents, in which ever form, also for learning proposes, need our permission. In most cases this will not be a problem - ask us. 

We emphasise that the use of the basic version of our Framing Studio is only free of charge for artists, photographers and gallery owners without employees.   



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