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Passepartout-Werkstatt Kerstin Harms

Prices in Euro including VAT   

General Conditions of sale (GCS)

Do not be concerned about all these conditions. If you use our Oline-Shop you will see all our conditions and you will be adviced. A good practise exercise would be to put 5 Standard Mounts into the basket and then to go to your basket. You will see the a "Minimun Surcharge" but also the advice that you can avoid the it by increasing the ordered quantity. Carry on increasing the quantity in your basket and you will be adcviced that you can reduce your shippings costs. If you go furher you will be informed about Order Value Discounts. In other words: Simply by increasing the amount in your basket you are introduced to our complete pricing system. 

For deliveries inside Germany and to other European Countries the same Conditions in general applies. The exceptions and additional delivery costs you will find under GCS Europe


General Conditions Germany

Alle prices in €uro -  Value Added Tax included. We deliver in the most european countries against Bill.

Minimum Order Value  

Our Minimum Order Value is 45,- €, otherwise ansonsten erfolgt ein Minimum Surcharge of 15,- € or only the differenz up to 45,- €-.

Delivery costs

We deliver by parcel service. Total Delivery costs up to format 

  •   60 x   80 = €  9,80
  •   80 x 100 = € 19,80
  • 100 x 140 = € 35,00

From € 140,- Order Value they will be redeced by 50 % to 4,90, € 9,90, € 17,50.
From € 210,- free Delivery.

Order value Discounts from:

Prices are only guaranteed for mounts:

€    350,- = 5 %
€    700,- = 7,5 %, 
€ 1.400,- = 10 %, 
€ 2.800,- = 12,5 %.

Prompt Payment Discount

Orders under Euro 90,- no Prompt Payment Discount and please pay them within 10 days. Orders over 90 payed within 8 days prompt payment discount 2 %, this is shown on your bill. Otherwise please pay within 30 days.

Please pay to

Sparkasse Lüneburg Bankleitzahl 240 501 10
 An der Münze 3
Kontonummer 654 09 153
 21335 Lüneburg
IBAN-Nr. DE64 2405 0110 0065 4091 53

Reservation of Proprietary rights

Until final payment all goods remain our property.

Cut outs and cut offs

The Cut outs and cut offs remain our property and we use them to produce additional mounts. this optimal use of material is the basis of our of our cheap prices. 

If you are interested in the cut outs, please contact us, we will make a favourable price for you.

Packaging system

Here we show you our specially designed wooden packaging system, already in use for 22 years, which protects the fragile materials perfectly . 

The top and bottom are made of 3.2 mm fibreboard and the sides of 13 mm chipboard or solid wood. All parts are connected with spax woodscrews. 

Delivery Times

Normally within 1 - 3 days, for larger or complicated orders could be up to 5 days. 

60 % of all orders arives our customes within 1 - 2 days. As a result of our prompt delivery policy we sometimes have problems with people you want to add to an order, that has already been shipped.

Delivery Times

Please note, that you have to add to our normal times upt to 4 days for deliveries into western and up to 10 days into eastern european countries. 

In order to reduce our Deliveriy Times orders to other countries are given priority.


All payments to be made in full to 

Sparkasse Lüneburg Bankleitzahl 240 501 10
 An der Münze 3
Kontonummer 654 09 153
 21335 Lüneburg
IBAN-Nr. DE64 2405 0110 0065 4091 53



We accept no responsibilty for loss of data etc. by the use of these produkts or services: Online-Shop, Gallery-Generator,

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