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You are on a page out of more than 500 sites, which are organised in a "Tree-Structure". 

The easiest way to know our navigation is to try it out. Please click on one of the points in the left navigation area - additional sub points appear. If you click on one of them it can be that another sub points appear and the navigation gets longer. But all main points are furthermore visible and your current position is marked with orange Colour. 

In our Online-Shop you will find compressed info about our products. There you can calculate the exact price for any format and in the basket you will get business hints, when the next better conditions will appear. For example when the shipping costs will be reduced or when you will get the first Order Value Discount. In our Online-Shop you can also create offers for yourself.

Under Product Info for Mounts & Frames you will find detailled info an price overviews, where you can compare on one glance e.g. the price of 5 Mounts to the price of 10 or 25 pieces.

To the other points we want to say only, that they contain interesting things. 

Should you have questions or propositions for our internet page please write them to or feel free to call us under 

+49 (0) 4139 - 686 69  

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