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We deliver in all of Europe. Here you will find detailed information about our products and you can order them with graphical support in our Online Shop or create at first Proposals about your projects. Please enter one of the 4 main areas or go directly into the sub area you are interested in.

The Theory contains more interesting facts on Mounts, Frames, Fine Art Prints and Präsentation.
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19.09.2018 - It´s that time again!

You will get a discount of 15 %  for our Standard Mounts in white & black (101-W & 404-W) during the 24.9. - 7.10.18 and further our „normal" conditions apply. With the maximum order value of 12,5 % you can get a discount up  to 27,5 %. At  24.09. around midnight the reduced prices will appear in the area Standard Mounts:

10.09.2018 - New: MSK-nature in several thicknesses in cream and white

Until now we were only able to offer you the MSK-nature material from nielsen in cream with a thickness of 4,1 mm, due to its great popularity we enlarged our product offering. The MSK-nature boards are now available in cream with thicknesses of 2,6 mm and 1,3 mm and brandnew in pure white with thicknesses of 2,5 mm and 1,5 mm.

Beside its velvet surface this board is solid-coloured and conform to museum quality. It is free of lignin and consist of 100 % wood-free, chlorine-free bleached cellulose.

For free samples please go to in the column "colour boards" choose "MSK-nature" or make your price calculation in our Shop:

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